How To Buy A Diamond: Diamond Clarity

It can be argued that nothing in nature is absolutely perfect. The nature-Walden inside me is saying, “but that’s what makes everything perfect.” Our imperfections are what make us unique and interesting. The same can be said for a diamond.

How To Buy A Diamond: Diamond Clarity | Joseph Goott & Co. High Jewelry Collection & Diamond Concierge

In an earlier post, titled ‘What Is A Diamond?’, we said that most diamonds are 99.5% carbon and 0.05% trace elements. These features are trace elements. They can be crystals, Earth, or other elements that have grown together with the diamond over millions of years. They are what make each diamond unique and special.

The universally accepted diamond rating system published by GIA is based on 10x magnification to record clarity characteristics. Using this system, very few diamonds are flawless (do not include clarity characteristics). At 1,000x magnification perhaps no diamond in the world would be considered flawless.

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