How To Buy A Diamond: The Four Cs

Understanding a diamond’s quality characteristics is straightforward and simple.

Unlike a luxury car with thousands of individual parts, a finished diamond has only 1. Carbon. And it’s easy to understand using the 4 Cs.

CUT refers to the shape. It is determined during manufacturing and is both an art and a science. The most precisely cut diamonds are ranked Excellent on GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificates. Excellent cuts are associated with optimal light performance and beauty.

CLARITY refers to the cleanliness. Very few diamonds are flawless. Though largely unnoticeable by the unaided eye, most diamonds have some type of clarity characteristic. Whether it’s on the surface or internal each has its unique makeup.

COLOR refers to the hue. Most diamonds are not colorless. They have a light yellow or light brown color. These make up the normal color scale. Pink diamonds are the most sought after fancy color, while purple and red are the most rare.

CARAT refers to the weight. 1 carat is equal to .20 grams. All else equal, heavier diamonds are more rare.

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