Diamond Sourcing

Ari Diamonds is able to provide unparalleled value as 5 generations in the diamond business has allowed us to source stones from a global network ranging from Mumbai, Hong Kong, and throughout Europe. Along with value is exceptional service which has taken members of our team across the globe to deliver some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. Ari Diamonds has chosen to work selectively with GIA certified stones and will not be working with lab grown or synthetic stones. GIA Certifications are the gold standard for grading and inline with our ethos and best practices.

Custom and Collaborative Work

At the heart of jewelry making is artistry, creativity and patience. We can literally bring your jewelry and gemstone dreams to life. From start to finish, we are honored to be able to not only source the finest stones but also oversee the entire production process, ensuring the perfect product. We are excited to collaborate with brands, artists and creatives on a variety of projects.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognize the important of building a sustainable business. From sourcing stones to the packaging of finished product, Ari Diamonds is committed to the environment and will continually seek out the more efficient ways in which to conduct business. We are currently in the process of sourcing hemp materials for future packaging. The industry as a whole has taken great strides to ensure the origins of stones are conflict free. The Kimberly process has upheld the highest standards for those working within the mining communities.