The origins of Ari Diamonds dates back to 1980 when Joseph met Panna in his hometown of Great Falls, Montana.


The following year Joe made his first trip to Panna’s home country of India where Panna’s father was established in the diamond trade as a pioneer and claimed the status of one of the first DeBeers sight holders from India. It was in Bombay, under the guidance and leadership of SG Jhaveri that Joe was introduced to the world of diamonds, design and the production process from sourcing rough stones to the polishing of a finished product.


Joe and Panna open their first office in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah where they started to build a reputation for design, quality and service along with access to some of the most rare and beautiful stones through their global network origination of Bombay. They had begun to lay the groundwork for building a business, family and soon two retail.


Joe and Panna design and build their first retail store in Salt Lake City and name it after their son Ari. The success of their first location led Joe to design and build the second store in 1993 in Layton, Utah. The design of the store itself was an early expression of Joes creativity talents. Ari Diamonds had started to build a reputation for value, quality and service.


Spending a significant time in Southern California, Joe became the private jeweler to Bighorn Golf Club in Palm Desert, California. He created a unique concierge service which led him to become one of the most trusted jewelers in the luxury market. Joe quickly became known for his unparalleled quality, designs and value. This opportunity allowed Joe to create his own designs known as the Joseph Goott Collection and allowed him to source the most exquisite and rare investment grade diamonds from across the globe. It was during this span of 13 years as the clubs exclusive jeweler where these one of a kind pieces came to life.


Joe and Panna expand further into the luxury market with their store in Maison Felice located on beautiful El Paseo. At this location the JGC collection was able to grow within the luxury market with one of a kind designs.


Now in its 6th year on El Paseo, Ari Diamonds is thrilled to be moving forward under the creative direction of Tanya Goott. Tanya’s fresh insight in the luxury market and dedication to quality and service have made it possible for Ari Diamonds continued expansion.