Golden And White South Sea Pearls

This Beautiful one of a kind strand of pearls features 31 Golden South Sea Pearls ranging in size from mm to mm and 32 Cream South Sea Pearls ranging in size from mm too mm. 30 inches in length so can be worn for day or evening very easily, it too can be doubled for a choker type effect, which would work well with dress necklines. Diamond round ball clasp set into 18 karat yellow gold to keep them fashionably secured around your neck. Hand strung and hand knotted in-between each pearl. Each pearl was carefully chosen for size, color, luster, shape, and quality. These opulent golden pearls are produced by the golden-lipped oyster. Harvested in sizes of 9mm and up, their warm, natural golden color is said to be rarer than gold itself. The color palette ranges from light champagne to a very rare, deep gold. This strand has been graded as AAA: The highest-quality pearl, virtually flawless. The surface will have a very high luster, and at least 95% of the surface will be free from any type of defect. The pearl will be perfectly round, and have a mirror-like luster, and a nacre thickness.